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Watch our video about how it works!

Your access to quality healthcare in Tanzania.

100% digital. Wherever you are.

our story

our story

You are all familiar with this situation: You or your child is sick and you need medical advice.


Or you are worried about the current Corona situation.

You are not sure whether you need to see a doctor in a clinic or you can handle the situation at home.
Or you have seen the doctor and got advice but now you have additional questions.

We offer you a convenient solution to give you peace of mind.

Click on book your appointment and schedule an appointment with one of our experienced physicians and discuss your questions over a video call from wherever you may be and at a time convenient for you. No traffic rush hour, no waiting time at the clinic and no potential risk of infection – you are in full control of your time.

We can not replace physical visits to the clinic if you or your child is severely sick nor do we want to. But we give you access to experienced physicians so that you can make an informed decision.

our doctors

All doctors are highly skilled, internationally experienced and licensed to practice in Tanzania.


Dr. Thomas Finkbeiner

Dr. Thomas Finkbeiner is the founder of the platform. He has over 20 years of clinical experience and is board certified in pediatrics and emergency medicine.

our doctors

how it works

Book now

Click on book your
 and book an appointment at a convenient time for you. Make sure you include your correct contact info!

Answer a few questions

Please answer a few questions that will help the physician to better prepare for the call. The system will then alert the doctor automatically. 

Doctor will call you

The doctor will call you at the set time and you can discuss your medical issues through a video call (preferred) or phone.

Your doctor will see you shortly.

how it works

what our clients say

„Thank you so much for coming up with this program for online consultation. Keep up the amazing work you have came up with, its the future in the presence!“

Abeer Bathawab

what our clients say


The last thing you want to think about when you are on vacation in a foreign country is "what to do if I get sick".

Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Simply book a video consultation with one of our top-notch medical professionals. All doctors are internationally experienced and licensed to practice in Tanzania.

Medical consultations are currently available in English, French, German, Dutch and Kiswahili. Our capacity is >30,000 calls per year and growing rapidly. We also refer to a network of clinics for physical consultations or further tests and treatment if needed. And we stay in touch with you remotely. 

Tour operators: 

We offer subscription models for your clients and staff. Please get in touch and we work out a solution that suits your needs.

social impact

10% of the tourism subscription plans are used to subsidize telemedicine services for Tanzanians who cannot afford online consultations otherwise. We are particularly supporting pregnant women and small children through our social impact component. Please donate to expand our reach.


Travel worry-free & 
leave something behind!

This is your contribution to a sustainable & fair tourism.

tourism & social impact


How do I contact you in case of an emergency?

This service is not intended for emergencies. In case of a medical emergency please contact your nearest health care provider.


So once I book my appointment online how are you made aware of my booking?

The system is sending the provider an automated text message with your booking wherever the provider may be and whatever phone number he or she may be using. This is something you don’t have to worry about!


Will I be able to get prescriptions through the online consultation?

The service is intended for medical advice only, no diagnostic or treatment capacity is currently available including ePrescription.


I see all your slots are booked for the coming days, but I need an urgent advice.
What can I do?

We apologize for our limited capacity. Please contact your nearest health care provider.

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